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Elizabeth Cilicia Babcock (1835-1899)

  • Carson City, Ormsby County; Reno, Washoe County
  • Educator

Dessie Lola Bailey (1918-1999)

  • Clark Co.
  • Volunteer for Children with Special Needs

Edna Nevada Catlin Baker (1875-1957)

  • Washoe Co.
  • Educator, Government Official

Martha Gruss Barlow (1920-1993)

  • Mineral Co.
  • Government Official

Barbara Jean Peters Bennett (1923-1993)

  • Wahoe Co.
  • Mayor of the City of Reno, political and community activist

Esther Louise Laiola Bennett (1917-2007)

  • Wahoe Co.
  • Educator

Helen Delich Bentley (1923-2016)

  • Tonopah Canyon, Nevada, Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C.
  • Journalist, Congresswoman, Chair of the Federal Maritime Commission

Edith Naomi Bernard (1914-2005)

  • Carson City
  • Wife, Mother, Civic Activist

Minnie Nichols Blair (1886-1972)

  • Churchill Co.
  • Business Owner, Rancher

Kittie Wells Bonner (1901-1985)

  • Lander Co.
  • Community Activist, Deputy Sheriff

Libbie Conover Booth (1856-1948)

  • Washoe Co.
  • Educator, Principal

Grace A. Bordewich (1910-1999)

  • Carson City
  • Educator

Katherine Louise Eager Bowdle (1883-1940)

  • White Pine Co.
  • Physician, Hospital Administrator, Registered Nurse

Eilley Oram Bowers (1826-1903)

  • Washoe/Storey Co.
  • Boarding House Owner, Seeress, Wife

Emma Lou Montgomery Brandt (1917-2006)

  • Clark Co.
  • Educator, Business Owner

Mildred Bray (1892-1975)

  • Washoe Co.
  • Government Official

Mildred Matthews Breedlove

  • Clark Co.
  • Author, Poet

Verna Bradbury Broili

  • Washoe Co.
  • Author, Historian

Carrie Choate Bullis (1878-1964)

  • Humboldt Co.
  • Educator, Wife, Mother

Carol Lu Ella Bullis-Echeverria (1909-1988)

  • Humboldt/Washoe Co.
  • Educator, Realtor, Wife

Florence Sanford Burge (1912-1986)

  • Washoe Co.
  • Journalist

Isabella McCormick Butler (186?-1922)

  • Esmeralda Co.
  • Prospector, Rancher, Wife


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